In part with the mission to persevere, graduating and finishing your academic obligation is key while creating a path to success. 

During his high school years, Ryan was told he would never graduate college. Now, as a two time college graduate, he shares how he overcame the odds and has built a legacy far reaching the days on the basketball court.






How to succeed after a failure!





Defying the odds!





Make it work! 

Mental health Topics


Suicide Awareness

As former board member of the American Foundation For Suicide Prevention Montana Chapter and longtime Suicide Prevention Specialist in Montana, Ryan enlightens his assemblage using a combination of personal and professional experiences, sharing his story to the audience of how he overcame suicidal ideation and also how he helped individuals that were suicidal get back on track and start living their lives again.  

Depression and Anxiety

  With a combination of 30 years professional experience working in mentoring, coaching and the mental health field, Ryan touches on major components of depression and anxiety and how they both can completely redirect someone's thought process if not treated appropriately. He speaks to the audience about his personal dealings with both. 

Positive Coping vs Negative Coping

 Gaining understanding on the importance of how to help yourself feel better, Ryan explains his desire to work through his challenges and stressors by taking simple steps to better himself. These steps include, choosing activities such as exercise, reading uplifting books as well as other actions that generate a positive attitude. 


 Using insightful lessons learned, Ryan speaks with the attendees about his personal experiences with communicating and working through overwhelming emotions and fears. He addresses the importance of speaking directly about issues surrounding the health of himself and others, and how he learned to share his feelings throughout the process. This part of the presentation helps the audience, no matter what age group, understand that effective communication tools can have countless impacts on a person’s overall well-being. 



"Ryan's story is one we can all learn and relate to, especially as we battle life's challenges."

Frank McCarthy 

Hall of Fame Basketball Coach 


"Ryan Wetzel is a dynamic and inspirational speaker who uses his personal experience to address mental health and addiction in a manner that people can relate to. His story highlights the fact that a person can be tremendously successful in one area of their life yet be struggling with depression, anger and/or addiction in another. He effectively de-stigmatizes these issues and normalizes the importance of seeking help. His message has the power to save and transform lives."

Dr. Elfie Neber, 

Psychology Faculty 

Montana State University 

Great Falls College


"In my 31 years in education Ryan was the most dynamic that I've encountered. Do your students a favor and get him into your school!"

Ken Larson 


Frank Brattin Middle School 

Colstrip Montana


"His presentation made an impact and gave an opportunity for those who may be dealing with depression, anxiety, and other issues or even suicidal thoughts a chance to reach out to other support options."

Loren Dunk


Power Montana


"The impact he has on the students with his story is amazing. A client of mine attended a recent event and Ryan's story changed this child's perspective on life. Mr. Wetzel is making a profound impact on the lives of our youth!"

Ashley Garret, MS

Licensed Professional Counselor


"I highly recommend Ryan Wetzel! He has shown dedication to students and seems to inspire kids to listen and make healthy choices for their lives. Having him as a guest speaker would be a great experience for your student and staff."

Alli Bristow


Florence-Carlton School District

Florence, Montana